Spravato® Treatment for Depression

For most people with depression, regularly meeting with a psychotherapist and/or taking antidepressants relieves the symptoms of this mental health disorder. Gone are the days when antidepressants were your only hope for dealing with your depression. And that’s excellent news for people living with treatment-resistant depression. Dominion Behavioral Healthcare now offers Spravato®, FDA-approved intranasal esketamine for treatment-resistant depression. Visit the Spravato product page to learn more: www.spravato.com.

What is treatment-resistant depression?

If you’ve tried and failed multiple medications for depression, psychotherapy, group therapy, lifestyle modifications, complementary medicine alternatives, or other specialty treatments, then you are most likely living with treatment-resistant depression.

What is Spravato®?

Spravato® is a nasal spray that introduces esketamine (chemically similar to ketamine) into your body. When you take this nasal spray,the ketamine has the opportunity to go to work in your brain.

The ketamine in Spravato® works differently than oral antidepressants, targeting the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor in your brain. Studies link this receptor to major depressive disorder and show that stimulating it with ketamine can deliver rapid antidepressant effects. Spravato does not replace your oral antidepressant, instead is used along with your oral antidepressant.

What’s the process like for taking Spravato?

Because it can cause mild dissociation, you take Spravato® under supervision. After you take your dose of Spravato, you stay at Dominion Behavioral Healthcare for at least two hours so their dedicated team can monitor you. The office is well-appointed for your comfort and the team has worked to create a nurturing environment with comfortable seating. You won’t be able to operate heavy machinery for the rest of the day, so arrange a ride home after your treatment.

During the first month, you take Spravato® twice a week. Most patients see marked improvement in their depressive symptoms within the first four weeks.

After the first month, you can space your Spravato® treatments further apart (usually every 1-2 weeks) as needed to maintain your results. You will work with your provider to develop a plan that works for you, helping you effectively eliminate your depressive symptoms.