Vivian T. Frear. MSCC, NCGC, LPC

Vivian FrearVivian Frear, MSCC, NCGC, LPC holds a Master of Science Degree in Community Counseling from Wilmington University. Vivian has been in private practice since 2008. She has worked in both the public and private sector with experience in individual, family and group psychotherapy. Vivian also has experience counseling in the correctional system and mobile crisis unit. Vivian is retired from the United States Air Force after serving as a medic and a First Sergeant. Vivian’s areas of clinical specialty include treating mood disorders, anxiety (ex: panic, obsessive compulsive disorder), survivors of trauma and abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, addictions and substance abuse disorders, grief counseling, anger problems and relationship issues.

In addition, she specializes in compulsive gambling disorders and is a Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor – NCGC. Vivian provides counseling to individuals with gambling problems and also their family members. Vivian provides customized treatment for each client depending on his or her individual needs. Vivian uses an empathetic and understanding approach, while making clients feel comfortable and respected.


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